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Desalination And The Alternatives
Land Use Report, Gary Patton, KUSP, Friday, 02/11/11

Here is a “mark your calendars” item. Next week, on Wednesday, February 16th, Conner Everts will be making a presentation on “Desalination and the Alternatives.” Sponsored by the Santa Cruz Desal Alternatives group, the presentation will take place at the Unity Temple, located at 407 Broadway, near Ocean Street. Admission is free.

Everts is the Executive Director of the Southern California Watershed Alliance, and has served on the State Task Force on Desalination. He has advised activists around the state on desalination and water policy issues, and has worked particularly closely with the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, and the Southern California Steelhead Alliance.

The City of Santa Cruz and the Soquel Creek Water District are proposing a major new desalination plant to address the current and future water needs of the urbanized portions of Central and North Santa Cruz County. This plan will be costly in terms of your water bill, and could have some very significant environmental impacts. The environmental review process, mandated by state law, has just recently begun, so there is lots of time to get directly and personally involved.

Our land use future is tied to water and transportation. If you’d like to get engaged, personally, in the decision making processes that will determine the future of our local community, think about turning out next Wednesday evening to hear Conner Everts.

For KUSP, this is Gary Patton.
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