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Land Use Report, 5/5/11, Gary Patton

Yesterday, I told listeners about an interesting meeting located a couple of hundred miles away, and beginning about three hours after the Land Use Report went on the air. My purpose was more to inform on the topic than to promote actual attendance at that meeting. I know people need a little advance notice, if I really expect them to attend some of the meetings I mention. Today, I’m providing advance notice for a meeting to be held on Thursday, May 12th, one week from today, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., at the Unity Temple, located at 407 Broadway, in Santa Cruz. Admission is free.

This meeting, I believe, will be extremely informative. It’s about water. That’s a key issue for Santa Cruz County residents, and I hope you’ll put this meeting on your calendar. The program is titled “Sustaining Our Water Future in Santa Cruz,” and will feature a presentation by James Fryer, former head of Conservation Programs for the Marin Municipal Water District. There will also be a slide show presented by Bobby Markowitz, of Earthcraft Design, entitled "Rain Catcher.”

James Fryer is the author of a Food & Water Watch report, Sustaining Our Water Future. He has researched the potential of conservation and compared the cost of conservation to desalination.
Bobby Markowitz is a Soquel landscape designer who is a regional expert in water catchment for landscape and indoor use.

For KUSP, this is Gary Patton.

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