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Keep Your Eye on Loch Lomond

Good Times, 5/24/12

Monday May 28

You might want to think twice about that 20-minute shower. This past winter was particularly dry in Santa Cruz, so the city is planning to fill local streams with water from Loch Lomond. Fuller streams will provide a better habitat for juvenile steelhead fish, but some of the lake’s resources will be depleted at the same time. Join Santa Cruz Desal Alternatives founder Rick Longinotti for a short talk, “Fish and People Thriving Without Desalination,” to learn more about alternatives to desalination. Following the talk, take a 40-minute hike through the woods and enjoy Loch Lomond’s beautiful scenery. Then, rest on the shores of the lake for a potluck picnic. | TW INFO: 1 p.m. Loch Lomond Recreation Center, 100 Loch Lomond Way, Felton. Carpool meets at 12:20 p.m. at the County building, 901 Ocean/Water St., Santa Cruz. Loch Lomond parking fee: $4.

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