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KUSP, 6/24/13
KUSP is working on a project called The Water Squeeze to understand what experiences communities are having that face contentious water decisions. We want to help people understand their role in the complex systems that provide water for Monterey Bay area residents and the range of water supply proposals under discussion. We hope to surface new ways to think about the more contentious aspects of these issues and the potential for compromise or alternatives. We need your help to do this!
We want to hear from you about what information you need to be active participants, what opinions you enter the process with and what motives will drive their ultimate positions. We are hoping to learn where the gaps are in the understanding of water supply and consumption are so we can try to fill those gaps. Please answer the questions below. Your responses will remain private to our organization and will never be used without your explicit permission. Thank you for participating in KUSP's community discussion about water planning. Your answers will help us direct our reporting and we may hope to follow up to include your thoughts in our coverage.
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