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Your Right To Vote On Desal (And More)

Gary Patton, Land Use Report, KUSP 7/24/12

The Santa Cruz City Council is meeting this afternoon and evening. I encourage you to track down today’s Land Use Report blog, where you will find a link to the Council’s agenda. A few items are of particular interest, but it actually never hurts to look through the entirety of the agenda of a public agency, to see what might be of interest and importance to you.

Our elected representatives are supposed to be representing us, but they won’t really do a good job of that unless they are constantly in contact with informed voters. I hate to say it, but that’s not happening nearly enough. If you’d like to be an effective part of our self-government system, you do need to be informed, and you do need to participate. That means reviewing the official documents on which your elected representatives are acting. Not everything that you might find important will be covered on the Land Use Report, or in the local media.

This afternoon and this evening (among other things), the Council will vote on the following:

An initiative petition to enact a Charter Amendment to guarantee the voters’ right to vote on the proposed desalination plant.

Approval of a rather dense, 19-unit multi-family condominium project, to be located across the street from the Main Fire Station at the corner of Walnut and Center.

A direction to staff to provide the Council with options on how security deposits for residential rental properties should be handled.

More Information:

Agenda, Santa Cruz City Council Meeting – July 24, 2012

Staff Report on Right To Vote on Desal Initiative

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