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Soquel Creek And Conservation+

Land Use Report, Gary Patton, KUSP, 8/11/14

The Soquel Creek Water District is reporting that it pumped 18% less water out of the ground last month than it pumped in July 2013. That is good news!

Because the Soquel Creek Water District relies on groundwater, rather than on surface water, the “immediate” impact of the current drought on Soquel Creek is somewhat different from the impact that is felt by a water agency like the City of Santa Cruz Water Department, which relies on surface water sources. If you rely on surface water, a drought absolutely means less water now.

If you rely on groundwater, a drought means longer-term problems, not immediate problems. In the Soquel Creek District, groundwater overdraft and groundwater pumping beyond the “safe yield” of the aquifer, will lead to seawater intrusion and water quality degradation that can contaminate the groundwater aquifer. This is the problem being addressed by the Soquel Creek Water District.

The District is launching a “Conservation Plus” program, and you are invited to learn more, and to provide comments, at a public hearing tomorrow. The proposed program is designed to save over eighty million gallons of water per year in what the District believes is a fair, equitable, and cost-effective way.

Think about attending the hearing tomorrow night, August 12th, at 7:00 p.m., at the New Brighton Middle School, located at 250 Washburn Avenue in Capitola.

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