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KUSP, Gary Patton, Land Use Report, Monday, August 19, 2013

The State of California has an official state “Water Plan.” For those who care about water, taking a look at the state’s plan is worth the effort. In addition, the state publishes a weekly email bulletin called Water Plan eNews. I have put a link to the August 7, 2013 edition in today’s transcript, at I am also providing you with an easy way to subscribe.

There is a bit of “water wisdom” available in that August 7th edition. Specifically, the State Department of Water Resources has provided subscribers with a link to a “Household Water Calculator,” developed by the Alliance for Water Efficiency. I recommend that you take a look at this helpful tool.

Furthermore, since desalination is such a big issue on both sides of the Monterey Bay, listeners might want to take a look at one other item in the latest edition of the Water Plan eNews. An agenda has now been posted for a workshop on a proposed update of the California Water Plan that will be focused on the state’s desalination resource management strategy. The workshop will be held on Wednesday afternoon, August 28th, in Sacramento. There will be online and phone options for those unable to attend in person. During the workshop, there will be a review of the desalination chapter, including a look at potential benefits and costs, implementation issues, and recommendations.

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