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The Water Commission Tonight

Gary Patton, Land Use Report, KUSP, 8/27/12

Tonight, the City of Santa Cruz Water Commission will be meeting in the City Council Chambers at 7:00 p.m. The Commission is going to discuss what role it will play as the City begins formally to review the proposed construction of a $100 million dollar plus desalination plant. If you care about this issue, you should probably be at the Commission meeting tonight. In addition, the Commission is going to be hearing about plans to “intertie” the City’s water system with the Scotts Valley, Soquel Creek, and San Lorenzo Valley water systems. This is a proposal dating back decades, and could increase water supply reliability for the entire North County.

Speaking of water, a lot of the water we use ends up as “wastewater,” and is currently flushed out into the ocean. We may be missing a chance to reuse a resource that is ever more critical as we face climate change and increasing water supply demands. Besides, no matter how effective our wastewater treatment procedures are, putting our wastes into the ocean isn’t really good for our marine environment. If you would like to learn more about the City’s Waste Water Treatment Plant, please get in touch with the Coastal Watershed Council, which is sponsoring a free tour of the Plant on Wednesday, August 29th. I’ve put more information in today’s transcript. You can get a copy of today’s transcript, with lots of links to more information, at

The Water Commission Tonight

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