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Two-Track Desal And Desal Derailed

Land Use Report, KUSP, Gary Patton, 8/29/13

Last week, a headline in the Monterey County Herald said, “The Monterey Peninsula’s desalination train could run on two tracks.” This acknowledges the multiple desalination proposals being studied in Monterey County. In Santa Cruz County, there is only one desalination proposal, a joint project of the City of Santa Cruz and the Soquel Creek Water District. Recent media accounts suggest that this project might actually be “derailed” (to employ the railroad metaphor advanced by the Herald).

There are extremely significant water supply problems in both counties, and these proposed desalination projects need to be given serious consideration. It is also fair to say that alternatives to desalination should be seriously considered, too. A move to consider such alternatives appears to be the direction that things might go in Santa Cruz County. That, however, is far from certain. As I read the newspaper, City of Santa Cruz representatives are proposing to move full-speed ahead on the next stage of the project approval process. They just don’t want the voters to weigh in during the upcoming 2014 elections.

Information about the status of the pending desalination proposals will be found in the transcript of today’s Land Use Report. I invite KUSP listeners to review these materials. And if you care about the proposed Santa Cruz-Soquel Creek desalination project, mark your calendars for a City Council meeting on September 10th.

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