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WSAC Status / The New Groundwater Law

Land Use Report, Gary Patton, KUSP, 9/9/14

City of Santa Cruz

I run an informal “Acronym Identification Project,” or AIP, and now I have a new one for you. The City of Santa Cruz has established a Water Supply Advisory Committee. The applicable acronym is WSAC. I encourage you to get beyond the acronym, to find out what this relatively new committee is all about. A WSAC “Status Report” is on the City Council agenda today.

The Council formed the WSAC after having received over 400 comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report on its proposed desalination plant. Hillary Bryant, Mayor at the time, called the creation of the Committee a “reset” in the conversation about water policy. One part of the new approach, at least theoretically, is that the City is going to start listening to members of the public, and considering their ideas, instead of just telling the public what the City Council and City staff have already decided is correct. To make this play out in real life, the WSAC will sponsor a “Water Policy Convention,” sometime in October. You can register to present your own ideas at that Convention.

On another topic, think about attending a meeting tonight, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., at the Soquel Congregational Church, 4951 Soquel Drive, in Soquel. The meeting will focus on the new groundwater management laws enacted this year, which may have a big impact on local water supply policy.

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