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The Santa Cruz City Water Commission

Gary Patton, The Land Use Report, KUSP, 10/1/12

The Santa Cruz City Water Commission meets tomorrow evening, and will be reviewing its role in what the City is now calling a “Water Supply Project.” To be less coy, what the City is now calling a “Water Supply Project” is actually the City’s proposed desalination plant. I continue to be surprised by the City’s unwillingness to be forthright. There are, in fact, some good arguments in favor of desalination, but there are some very good arguments on the other side, too. It would be the best for everyone, I think, if the City would frankly acknowledge what is going on.

To summarize, the City’s “Water Supply Project” used to be called the City’s proposed “desalination plant.” Changing the name (which began with the City’s last budget) doesn’t change the essence of the project. Similarly, the City has made an official commitment to accommodate future UCSC growth by building desalination facilities. At times, City officials have denied that commitment, but it’s down in black and white, as an Exhibit to the “Comprehensive Settlement Agreement” between the City, UCSC, and other parties. Again, there are some good arguments favoring continued UCSC growth, but there are also good arguments on the other side. A full, frank, and fair discussion would be to everyone’s advantage. At least, that is my personal view. Links to the Water Commission agenda can be found at

The Santa Cruz City Water Commission

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