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Resetting the Desal Discussion

Gary Patton, KUSP, Land Use Report, Friday, October 4, 2013


I am an environmental attorney, as well as a commenter on land use issues here on KUSP, and I have an obligation to let you know when my comments involve matters with which I am engaged in my attorney capacity. When I talk about issues related to the desalination plant being proposed by the City of Santa Cruz, and by the Soquel Creek Water District, you do need to know that I represent the Community Water Coalition, a group that has been making comments on the desalination project as part of the environmental review process.

With respect to that process, a Draft Environmental Impact Report, or EIR, was circulated over the summer, with a comment deadline on August 12th. After the close of comments, the Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz, and the Santa Cruz City Manager, issued public statements urging a “reset” of the community review process. Exactly how that “reset” happens is going to be important. One option is to say a “reset” has occurred, but to continue to finalize the EIR. Another option is to suspend further work on the EIR until after there is a full public discussion of possible alternatives to the proposed desalination plant.

If you care about this debate, you might mark your calendars, tentatively, for the next City Council meeting, on Tuesday, October 8th. It’s likely that the City Council will be taking up the issue then, and your participation is encouraged!

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