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6 Questions for Cece Pinheiro, Running for City Council\
Patch's continuing questioning of the candidates for city council continues.

By Brad Kava
Santa Cruz Patch, 10/22/12

Cece Pinheiro's most recent job was with a nonprofit, which some wags would suggest makes her perfect for running a city.

Jokes aside, Pinheiro, 54, is serious about her love for this city and traces her Cruz roots back four generations. She has been the executive director of Community Television and was an elected member of the Santa Cruz City School Board.

She is an original, not afraid to express herself and poke fun. At the high tech forum her answer to a question about what she would do to improve the city was "Bacon." It was a joke. She is more clear about "Edu-Tourism," her idea to have more people come here to take courses in arts and other fields at the Tannery and the Museum of Art & History.

She told the Santa Cruz Sentinel that she announced her candidacy during Gay Pride weekend because she feels that lesbians have been discriminated against and haven't served in city government.

1. Patch:  Where do you stand on the issue of a desalination plant, and do you think it should be left up to the people of Santa Cruz to decide as outlined in Measure P?

Pinheiro: As I stated  in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, I believe it should be the vote of the people! An important part of the process is thinking through how to make it the most environmentally sound project possible. It's going to take a lot of energy and the energy could be offset by renewable energy.

2. Patch: How do you plan to fight crime in the wake of the ongoing economic doldrums? Do you think gang violence is growing within the city? If so, what do you think should be done about it?

Pinheiro: Last election cycle I worked getting good judges elected to the bench, I will continue to do so, if criminals think that Santa Cruz is an easy place to commit crimes, the they will come here to commit their crimes, already we have prostitutes and drug dealers from over the hill, come over here, cause they heard we are soft on crime, Santa Cruz can no longer be soft on these types of crimes. gang violence grows with the drug trade, we need to send a message to the big drug dealers, we don't put up with $&:&@&@(-/:/; any longer.

3. Patch: How do you plan on supporting the Arts in Santa Cruz?

By making the RFP process for local artists that want to create art for us easier! By supporting the Tannery Arts Center and cleaning up the area around the Tannery Arts Center so it is safer for the families and Artists  who live there, so creativity can flourish, by supporting the open studios, and the First Fridays events throughout the year!

4. Patch:  What do you think the best plan is for bringing back the local economy and creating jobs in Santa Cruz?

Pinheiro: Open up 3 new hotels similar to the new Hotel Paradox, which provide entry level and higher end jobs for locals, ensure the Warriors Stadium is built and thriving, bring a county wide bandwidth fiber network, this could generate 1000-2000 jobs, I support the adoption of policies that will lower the barriers to the installation of this resource.

5. Patch: What do you think Santa Cruz's greatest problem is and how do you propose we fix it? What are the city's greatest strengths that you'd like to see preserved and/or built upon?

Pinheiro: Problem=Town Gown Divide. Fix=Negotiate using interest based bargaining and mindfulness. Greatest strengths=Diversity of thought, The Arts, Tourism, Education and nature. I would like to build on all and preserve Nature.

6. Patch: If it were up to you, how do you see Santa Cruz five years from now?

I see Santa Cruz as a place that has leveraged or greatest strengths as mentioned above with innovation, having raised the level of dialogue that has gotten people together to solve problems and have made a significant step towards putting the Unity Back in Community.

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