Benefits of Desalination

To ensure we have adequate water during a drought

Our current water supplies are not enough to protect us from a severe drought. Without a supplemental water supply, local residents would face drought-imposed water restrictions and the local economy may suffer.  The proposed desalination plant would provide a safety net for our water supply system.


Restores groundwater levels and prevents seawater intrusion

Overpumping of the Soquel-Aptos Groundwater Basin causes groundwater levels to drop and increases the risk that coastal wells cold be contaminated with seawater. A desalination project would allow the Soquel Creek Water District to reduce its groundwater pumping, allow the aquifers to naturally recharge and prevent seawater intrusion.


To make sure there's enough water for endangered fish

During dry years, and even some normal rain years, there is not enough water in the San Lorenzo River and North Coast streams to protect coho salmon and steelhead trout. Water from a desalination plant would make sure there's enough water to protect these endangered species and provide enough water for people and fish.


To protect public health, safety and the economy

Every community needs water, and our community is no different.  Potable water is essential for all sectors: hospitals, fire protection, schools, restaurants, businesses and homes.  A desalination project would ensure that water would be available year-round to support and sustain our thriving community.

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