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scwd2 Task Force Members

The City of Santa Cruz Water Department (SCWD) and the Soquel Creek Water District (SqCWD) formed the scwd2 Task Force to oversee the Pilot Test Plant Program, the Watershed Sanitary Survey, Intake Study, permitting, environmental review and design of the proposed desalination facility, and to provide a forum for public input on the project and formulate an agreement and governance structure should the decision be made to proceed with a cooperative desalination project. The scwd2 Task Force is comprised of two Santa Cruz City Council Members and two Soquel Creek Water District Board Members.

Task Force Representatives:
City of Santa Cruz: Cynthia Mathews (Vice-Chair) and Pamela Comstock

Soquel Creek Water District: Bruce Daniels (Chair) and  Bruce Jaffe

Task Force Agreements


Task Force Meetings

The Task Force meets on the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings are open to the public and anyone wishing to address the task force members may do so during the public comment period.

For information on the meetings, click here.

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