A decision by the governing bodies of the City of Santa Cruz (SCWD) and Soquel Creek Water District (SqCWD) for the construction of a 2.5 million gallon per day desalination facility is dependent upon the successful completion of the pilot test program, technical review of the data collected, and environmental approval and permitting of the proposed project.

Currently, the project is undergoing the environmental review process.

Proposed Project Timeline

Title Dates
Pilot Plant Testing March 2008 - April 2009
SWRO Desalination Facility
Environmental Impact Report Preparation & Certification
2010 - 2014
Consider EIR Certification and Vote on Desal Plant Construction by SC Residents * 2014
SWRO Desalination Facility Permitting and Design ** 2015-2016
SWRO Desalination Facility Construction ** 2016-2019

* Officials are also considering ways to involve District and non-City customers in the decision making process.

** contingent on project approval

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